About us

Kia ora whānau. We’re a toa hoko kākahu based in Whangārei.

Ko Tokatoka te maunga,
Ko Otamatea te awa,
Ko Aotearoa te marae,
Ko Te Uri A Hou to hapu,
Ko Ngati Whatua te iwi.

Ko pirongia te maunga,
Ko Waitetuna te awa,
Ko tekaharoa te Marae,
Ko tainui te waka,
Ko Ngati maniapoto te iwi.

Ko Tangahuia te maunga,
Ko Wairoa to awa,
Ko Tirarau te marae,
Ko Tirarau te tangata te tupuna,
Ko Te parawhau te hapu,
Ko Ngati whatua te iwi.

Ko Jesse Lawrence Anderson toku ingoa!

That’s about as far as my Te Reo Māori will take me but none the less, kia ora! My name is Jesse and I was born (and still based) in Whangārei, Northland. I’m a 29 year old and my kaupapa is Oosh Clothing!

I started this clothing brand at the start of 2021 and have been running it with the help of my kōkara (mother). What was once a lawless outlet of creativity became a blessing for both of us as I seek to turn a hobby into a passion!
I started out with a tablet, a $10 dollar stylus pen and 2 weeks practice drawing each design freehand whilst trying my best to represent the meaning of the word most of us use in almost every sentence – Oosh!

The word Oosh is iconic to Aotearoa/New Zealand. It has found it’s way across Young and Old, said to describe the Highest Amount of Admiration, or to compliment with Great Honour.

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